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Summer Events


Every summer reader from birth through high school gets a FREE book courtesy of the Rotary Club of Longview along with other goodies, thanks to support from the Friends of the Longview Library and the Longview Library Foundation. Make sure you're registered on Beanstack, then drive up via the library's book return lane (Maple Street side of the building) anytime during our regular drive-thru hours. Tell us your name to receive your summer swag bag! Walk-ups welcome, too. We'll have a table set up near the door to maintain no-contact safety.


Mondays 3 PM, June 22 - August 10 Meet and chat with other LGBTQ+ teens and allies over Zoom. Email Becky for the login information. Find information about the Rainbow Teen community HERE.


This event is not happening. Please read Becky's statement.


We'll be posting videos of our takes on the challenges on our YouTube channel. We'll also have grab bags of supplies for many of these crafts available to pick up. Please contact Becky if you'd like one of these grab bags! Mark in Beanstack when you've done these challenges to earn additional points! Tag us or share them with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram!

    The Challenges:

  1. Sigil
    Design your own medieval-style sigil using the paper cutouts that come in your SRP packet or anything you have at home. Think of ways you can make it reflect your personality or sense of style. Hang your sigil in your front window or somewhere where people in your neighborhood might see it from the street and know you're a summer reader.

  2. Beanstalk
    Grow your own magic bean! Create a structure for your bean to climb in the style of Jack and the Beanstalk.

  3. Cardboard Castle
    Make a castle out of cardboard! You can use boxes, like cereal boxes, toilet paper or paper towel rolls, or other kind of cardboard packaging. I find that the best way to build them is using masking tape, but make do with what you have. Be creative! Maybe this castle is for your cat.

  4. Paper Dragons
    Make a dragon out of paper! Is it two dimensional? Three dimensional? Does it breathe fire? You decide!

  5. Cosplay
    Dress up as a favorite character from a book, TV show, or movie using materials you have at home!

  6. Fantasy Puppets
    Make a puppet of a fantasy animal using paper, yarn, google eyes, or whatever you have around the house. You can make a unicorn, a griffin, a sasquatch, or whatever else you like.

  7. Mermaid Jar
    Catch a mermaid (or other sea creature) in a jar with this fun project. Glue a silhouette of a mermaid on the inside of a clean clear jar, then color the jar with a thin coat of paint or by gluing on pieces of tissue paper. When it's dry, you can light up the car by putting an LED tea light or battery powered set of twinkle lights in the jar!

  8. Can Do Robot
    Make a robot out of an aluminum can and other recycled materials like bottle caps, pop tabs, or old hardware (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.).