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Drive-Thru Library Service

We now offer drive-thru service for picking up items that you request through the online catalog! Not sure what you want? Let us choose for you! Try our new Library Sampler!

Picking Up Your Holds

We'll notify you by e-mail or text message, depending on the preference set in your account (see below for information about updating your account and placing holds). Please don't show up before you hear from us. Once notified, drive through the book return lane on the Maple Street side of our building anytime during Drive-Thru hours. Stop by the yellow barrier near the open door, and we'll be out to assist you. Stay in your car and have your photo ID ready. Unlock your trunk or passenger door to allow us to put them in your car. Your items will already be checked out to you and a date due slip will be included. Items check out for six (6) weeks.

Walking to the Library? We have a table set up outside the door for no-contact pick-up.

In most cases, items that are placed on hold by 8 a.m. Friday will be available for pickup starting Monday, provided they are checked in and available on the shelf.

The outside bookdrop is open for all returns! If you have items to return when you come to pick up your requests, please drop them in the slot after you've received your pick-up order.

Update Your Contact Information

First things first: Make sure that your email, phone number, and address are current. We will notify you about your requests by e-mail or text message depending on the delivery option you've chosen. Log into the online catalog using the barcode on the back of your library card (no spaces) and your PIN or password (the default PIN is the last four digits of your phone number). Once logged in, click or tap on My Record under your name in the My Account section, then click Contact Information and Preferences. Enter your email address in the box provided and double-check e-mail address, phone, and other contact information before clicking Submit Change Request. For text notifications, we also need to know your carrier or cell service provider.

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Placing Requests

Items will be checked out to you based on your holds (requests) list. Use the online catalog to search or browse for items that you would like to check out. To put an item on hold, click the Place Request option to the right of the item. Log in using your barcode or username and PIN (see previous section) to complete the process. Library checkouts will be limited for the time being and will have a six-week checkout period. If you have a lot of holds on your account, we will prepare your earliest requested items first and contact you with pickup options and instructions. Your remaining requests will stay on your account for a future checkout.

Suspending Holds

If you would like to prioritize some requested items over others or prefer not to use the drive thru service at this time, please log in to your library account and suspend the holds you don't want right now.

Suspending library holds keeps your place in line while allowing other people to borrow the library material until you are ready for it. To suspend your library holds, log into My Account in the online catalog with your barcode number or username, and your PIN/password. Select Requests from the left hand menu. Check the box next to the item(s) you want to suspend.

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Scroll down to the bottom and click Suspend/Reactivate Selected.

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Type in a future date to suspend your hold until. Suspending your hold will keep your place in line until the date you select it to become active again. After confirming your date, your hold should show on your requests list as "inactive".

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A Note about Safety

All returned book items will be set aside in quarantine for 72 hours before being sanitized and checked in by staff wearing masks and gloves. Masks and gloves are also worn by the staff who assemble your pickup order.


If you need assistance requesting items, choosing books to read, or suspending your holds, please contact us during our phone hours, Monday-Friday 11 AM - 2 PM at 360.442.5300 or use the Ask A Librarian form.

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