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3rd Annual Longview Public Library

LongCon Costume Contest

We encourage you to dress as your favorite book, comic, anime, manga, fantasy, movie, or sci-fi character. Come and show off your talent and fandom dedication for a chance to win fabulous prizes and lots of positive attention!

You need to pre-register and get a number to have your costume judged and remember to show up on time. Registration ends at 12:45pm. There will be 3 different age divisions of the Costume Contest.

1. Children 0 - 12 years old
2. Teen 13 - 17 years old
3. Adult 18 - 100+ years old

Costumes will be judged by division starting at 1:00pm.


The Parade of Costumes will begin at 1:00pm.

You must register for your age group before the parade of costumes.

The first division will be called to the judging area on the Main Floor and asked to LINE-UP in the designated area. Everyone in this division will parade through the designated area in front of the judges. The judges will choose their favorites for prizes. The second and third divisions will follow.

When all divisions have finished the parade of costumes, the judges will call all the winners by number to the front. Each prize winner per division will be announced and winners will receive their prizes.

The library staff will take photographs of all the winners.

***Library staff reserve the right to amend these rules without prior notice. Noncompliance of any rules will result in expulsion from the event. All Longview Public Library Code of Conduct Policies apply during LongCon.

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