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What is a Friend?

The Friends of the Longview Public Library is an organization of people who support the Longview Public Library with their ideas, their skills, their time, and their voices! Become a Friend today!

What do Friends do?

What are the benefits of being a Friend?

Become a Friend of the Longview Public Library

All Friends members--resident and non-resident-- are committed to providing leadership and support for the Longview Public Library. The Library needs Friends and deeply appreciates all that the Friends contribute to the programs, services and collections of the Library. You can become a member by filling out the membership form and paying $5.00 dues per family each year. Dues are paid in January and are good for the entire calendar year. If you join mid-year, your dues cover through December 31 of that year.

City of Longview and Cowlitz Partial-County Rural Library District Residents

Residents of the City of Longview and the Cowlitz Partial-County Rural Library District are invited to join the Friends of the Library and participate in the many activities of the Friends which support the Library and its programs. The Friends need YOU!

Friends are encouraged to serve as advocates for the public library and the important services the library provides for the community. Strong leadership is essential for public libraries today as libraries strive to meet the diverse needs of the communities they serve, sometimes in the face of serious opposition by single issue groups who seek to deny others free access to information. The Friends need YOU!

Support for the Longview Public Library can come in many forms. People may volunteer their time and talents. People may donate money, prizes, and needed special equipment. The Friends need YOU!

Longview Resident Friends have a special stake in the support of the Longview Public Library; the LPL is a city library which was given to the people of Longview by R.A. Long, the city's founder. Long not only built the library but also staffed and furnished it during its first year of existence; then he presented it to the City of Longview. The Longview Public Library truly belongs to the residents of Longview. The Friends need YOU!

For more information about becoming a Friend of the Longview Public Library, please contact Karl Marcuson, Library Liason to the Friends, at 360.442.5315, or e-mail. You may also download and fill out the Membership Form and bring it in to the Library.

Special Non-Resident Friends

The Longview Public Library has many patrons who live outside the city limits of Longview and the Partial-County Rural Library District, but who use and support the library in many ways. To acknowledge these non-resident patrons, the Library created a Non-resident Friend category. Non-residents may earn a family library card by giving 22 volunteer hours, which can save a family $100.00 a year!

Friend's cards are earned by mid December of each year and a family card (available to everyone living in the household) is issued for the following year. Most non-resident Friends earn a year's card, but some may earn a card for three or six months. Anyone interested in earning a card should contact Karl Marcuson, Library Liaison to the Friends, at 360.442.5315, or e-mail.

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