Teen Magazines!

Titles in the Teen Area:

The perennial humor favorite, still spoofing movies, TV, current events, and everyday life. Extremely popular.
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General interest magazine for girls with a primary focus on fashion and beauty.
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Vogue for teens: fashion, pop culture, etc.
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Titles Upstairs in the Magazine Area:

Covers gear, destinations, technique and interviews.
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A road biking, mountain bike, and cycling magazine. Find bike and gear reviews, cycling and mountain biking tips and more.
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Hot Rod
Articles and photographs featuring hot rods, including how-to technological information.
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Mental Floss
"Where knowledge junkies get their fix."
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PC Gamer
Previews, reviews, hardware & software tips.
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Rolling Stone
This music magazine also has strong articles on politics, current events, and other arts.
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Sports Illustrated
S.I. is the classic news magazine covering all sports.

You'll find these titles in Children's Magazines

Junior Baseball
A publication for school age players and their parents and coaches. Offers skills tips, coaching clinics, equipment reviews, and Major League interviews.
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Sports Illustrated for Kids
S.I. covering sports from a kid-friendly point of view.
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Teen E-Zines: Online Teen Magazines

Atomic Teen
Teen search engine and web zine featuring advice, entertainment, games, horoscopes, movies, music and TV.

This site offers everything from pop culture to college to volunteering, plus information on cool stuff to make and to do, homework help, poetry, articles and reviews.

A Canadian online zine for teens that covers real life issues, celebrities, health and fitness, and more.

Native Youth Magazine
Poetry, photos and profiles of young Native people across the United States and Canada.

Teen Ink
Online magazine written for and by teens. Content consists entirely of work submitted by its readers. Covers nearly every possible subject from book and movie reviews to sample college application essays, poetry, editorials and interviews.