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Teen Fiction: Doing Time

Banks, Russell. Rule of the bone.
"Anyhow, my life got interesting you might say the summer I turned fourteen and was heavy into weed but I didn't have any money to buy it with so I started looking around the house all the time for things I could sell but there wasn't much."
BANKS [On Mezzanine]

Booth, Coe. Tyrell.
Fifteen-year-old Tyrell, who is living in a Bronx homeless shelter with his spaced-out mother and his younger brother, tries to avoid temptation so he does not end up in jail like his father.

DeClements, Barthe. Breaking out.
As thirteen-year-old Jerry enters junior high school, he continues to adjust to the fact that his father is in prison for theft. Sequel to "Five Finger Discount" and "Monkey See Monkey Do."

Egan, Jennifer. The keep.
A prisoner, in jail for an unnamed crime, recounts a story about two cousins who unite to renovate a castle--that brings the crimes of the past and present into piercing relation.
EGAN [On Mezzanine]

Ferris, Jean. Bad.
16-year-old Dallas goes along with plans to rob a convenience store. When her father won't let her to come home, she is sent the Girls' Rehabilitation Center.

Giles, Gail. Shattering glass.
When the charismatic leader of the senior class turns the school nerd into Prince Charming, his actions lead to unexpected violence.

Hall, Lynn. Troublemaker.
Violence, loneliness, and hardship are the only companions of a 13-year-old boy until he finds a dog named Buster.

McCall, Nathan. Makes me wanna holler.
Nathan McCall tells his story from the street and prison yard to the newsroom of the Washington Post.

Morey, Walt. Angry waters.
Paroled to a dairy farm, a 15-year-old develops an interest in the farm animals and acquires the strength to resist old friends.

Oates, Joyce Carol. Foxfire : confessions of a girl gang.
Legs Sadovsky leads a girl gang called Foxfire during 1955 in her upstate New York hometown.
OATES [On Mezzanine]

Shatner, William. Star trek Academy: Collision course.
Thrown in jail beside a young Vulcan, a young James T. Kirk forges an uneasy alliance with his cellmate, Spock, with whom he can stay imprisoned or join Starfleet.
SF SHATNER [On Mezzanine]

Shoblad, Richard H. Doing my own time.
Shoblad's life, from childhood, the black market, 2 years in Walla Walla Corrections and life imprisonment in the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Siebold, Jan. Doing time online.
After he is involved in a prank that led to an elderly woman's injury, twelve-year-old Mitchell must make amends by participating in a police program in which he chats online with a nursing home resident.

Sitomer, Alan Lawrence. Homeboyz.
When Teddy's little sister, Tina, is gunned down in a drive-by shooting, the gang members who rule the streets dismiss the incident as just another case of RP, RT -- wrong place, wrong time.

Strasser, Todd. Boot camp.
After ignoring warnings to stop dating his teacher, Garrett is sent to a boot camp that uses unorthodox and brutal methods to train students to obey their parents.

Trueman, Terry. Inside out.
A 16-year-old with schizophrenia is held hostage by two other teens after an attempted robbery.
TRUEMAN [On Mezzanine]

Volponi, Paul. Black and white.
Two basketball players, one black, one white, experience the justice system after committing a crime together.

Weaver, Will. Farm team.
With his father in jail 14-year-old Billy Baggs finds himself in charge of the family farm in Minnesota and having to give up baseball.
WEAVER [On Mezzanine]

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