Go Play Outside!

Books about unplugged fun for independent readers!

image Gibbons, Gail. Bicycle book.
In one of her more engaging picture books, Gibbons introduces the bicycle: its history, design, care, types, uses, and safety rules.
J629.227 GIB
image Lankford, Mary D. Hopscotch around the world.
Presents directions for playing variations of hopscotch, an ancient game still played worldwide.
J796.2 LAN
image Latimer, Jonathan P. Backyard birds.
Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, voices, and habitats of a variety of common birds, arranged by their color. Includes the Peterson System of identifying birds by their unique markings.
J598 LAT
image Millen, Nina. Children's games from many lands.
262 game descriptions from 55 countries.
J796.1 MIL
image Milord, Susan. The kids' nature book: 365 indoor/outdoor activities and experiences.
Suggests activities, poems, and stories to explore nature throughout the year.
J508 MIL
image Smith, Tim. Buck Wilder's small twig hiking and camping guide: A complete introduction to the world of hiking & camping for small twigs of all ages.
A light-hearted, illustrated introduction to tracks, picking a campsite, building a campfire, and not getting lost, with environmental tips and more.
J796.5 SMI
image VanCleave, Janice. Janice VanCleave's play and find out about bugs: Easy experiments for young children.
Presents simple experiments answering such questions about insects as "Are spiders insects?" "Where do butterflies come from?" and "Why do fireflies light up?"
J595.7 VAN (Parenting Collection)