Get a Clue!

A list of recommended books for babies and toddlers.

image Acredolo, Linda. Baby signs for mealtime.
If babies have a secret language, could it be sign?
P ACREDOLO (Little Picture Books)
image Hoban, Tana. What is that?
Hoban's books are perfect for the youngest babies. See also Black on White, White on Black, and Black and White by the same author to play with observational skills. Older children will enjoy her picture books, as well.
P HOBAN (Little Picture Books)
image Jonas, Ann. The 13th clue.
Follow thirteen clues to a surprise.
image Miller, Margaret. Whose hat?
One of Miller's many photo puzzle books, this one matches hats to kids in costumes and their real-life career counterparts.
image Schwartz, Roslyn. Yo baby!
Toddlers will love deciphering the clues to guess the missing objects!
image Waber, Bernard. Do you see a mouse?
The Park Snoot Hotel has a mouse which no one but the reader can see!
image Walsh, Ellen Stoll. Dot & Jabber and the big bug mystery.
The author of Hop, Jump and Mouse Count uses her trademark collages to tell the story of mouse detectives, try to solve the mystery of the disappearing insects.